Breathe To Beat Stress This Christmas

The festive season is upon us, which means so too are the added stresses that go with it. From buying gifts and prepping Christmas dinner to managing your finances, juggling time, and partying with your friends and colleagues, too – the pressures that we face over the Christmas period are overwhelming to say the least.

Starting to feel a little overworked, overwhelmed and sleep-deprived just reading this? Here is a simple exercise that will focus your breathing, rest your mind, and melt away your Christmas worries and anxieties.

Why should you do it? It’s quick, can be practiced almost anywhere, requires no fancy tools or training, AND it really works!

Here goes…

Breathe in for 4 seconds and Breathe Out for 4 Seconds

Take a moment where you relax your mind

Take a moment to calm your thoughts and emotions and keep breathing.

Why it works:

This is a very simple but effective technique that floods the brain with more oxygen, which in turn distracts the mind from feeling stress and anxiety. You are quite literally getting one up on your anxieties by concentrate on your breathing and, by default, shifting your mind-set to a better and calmer place.

Have a Merry, Stress-Free Christmas, Everyone!

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