Private Group Sessions

Sharing is caring – and we the same principal applies to meditation, too. Whether you want to introduce a few friends to meditation – or fancy gathering some of your nearest and dearest for an evening that will leave your guests with something far more useful, then our private group sessions and parties are for you. We can tailor the session to focus on any areas that you and your friends and family wish to improve on. Whether you’re new mums adapting to post-natal life, a group of women who have reached the menopause and need a little pick-me-up while dealing with this challenging change in life, or maybe you just want to gather your loved ones and spend some time focusing on yourselves for a change – these sessions are a great way to introduce meditation and its benefits in a relaxed and fun environment.

Corporate Team Building & Business Events

If you’re a business or corporation looking to develop your team, boost morale, encourage leadership and confidence while minimising office sick days and maximising the productivity of your employees then our dedicated corporate programmes and events can help take your workplace from good to great.

Tailored to your business’ personal goals and requirements, we deliver weekly, monthly and one-off sessions with companies and their employees to help manage stress and promote the countless other benefits of meditation in a business environment.

Our business programmes and events make a huge difference in workplaces across the country, so click here to get in touch to see how your organisation can benefit, too.


Community Classes

Bringing mindfulness to the mainstream, our neutral style programmes keep it real for today’s society with meditation classes that are suitable for everyone (yes, that includes YOU!)

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who’s been practicing meditation for years, our signature Breathe community classes provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere with the aim of quieting the mind to leave you in a feeling calm and content.

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