The Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up

Want to boost your mood this winter? One of the easiest and most effective remedies is to simply be kind to others.


Sound simple? It really is.


A recent study has found that random acts of kindness are far more effective at enhancing mood and wellbeing than acts that involve treating yourself (though, for the record, time invested in yourself is still time well spent).


What the study found is that random acts of kindness – selfless acts for others or the world around us – raised dopamine levels, buffered the negative effects of stress and led to a better state of mental health than carrying out acts that focus purely on the self.


When we heard about this, what did we do? The Breathe Team gathered a tribe of volunteers, bundled up in winter warmers and headed to the Wetlands Centre in Llanelli.


On the same day that Theresa May proposed plastic-free supermarkets as part of her Green Strategy, we experienced first hand the astonishing amount of waste and plastic that’s been wreaking havoc with both the wildlife and the environment.


A hot topic at the moment, the amount of plastic we consume – and subsequently waste – is having a catastrophic impact on our landscape. And so it was with enthusiasm and purpose that we spent several hours collecting waste from the Wetlands and helped make the area a little greener once again. Talk about feel-good factor!


Want to reap the benefits of a random act of kindness, too? From buying a friend a coffee to baking your neighbor a cake or clearing litter from the neighbourhood – the options are endless and so are the mental benefits, too.


Here’s to helping others.